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Presented by The College Light Opera Company

Music by
Arthur Sullivan

Libretto by
W.S. Gilbert

Scenic Design
Joshua Warner

Costume Design
Jenni Oughton

Lighting Design
Christopher Gilmore

Gabrielle DiBenedetto

Production Stage Manager
Fatimah Amill

Music Directed by
Jonathan Brennand

Associate Music Direction
Miles Plant

Directed by
James Mills

2016 Vocal Company included
Kyle Becker, Christian Boyd, Andrew Campbell, Sam deSoto, Ben Dutton, Jamie Shannon Ferguson, Hannah Friesen, Andrew Gilstrap, Jocelyn Hansen, Jonathan Heller, Zach Holden, Robert Hussey, Helen Knudsen, Samantha Kronenfield, Evan LaChance, Jody Lear, Claire Leyden, Phil Lopez, Lindsay McAuliffe, Sara Nealley, Julia Pagh, Matthew Peckham, Annie Penner, Sarah Polinski, Brittni Taylor Rhodes, Whitney Robinson, Jesse Scheinbart, Thomas Smith, Sarah Strickland, Daniel Terry, Dennis Wees

Highfield Theater; Falmouth, MA
August 9-13 2016

Photos by Juliana Maclachlan / Jenni Oughton / Joshua Warner

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